Balado Discovery : Old Yellowknife Self-Guided Tour

BaladoDiscovery is a production of L'Aire de jeu inc. The BaladoDiscovery app is available for free to iPhone users, iPad users and Android tablet and phone users.

Yellowknife is the city of the ultimate border, located north of the 60th parallel and only 500 km from the Arctic Circle. It is located on the traditional territory of the Dene First Nation, formerly known as Somba Ke, which means "where the money is."

This audio guide will introduce you to the oldest part of Yellowknife. You will be guided by GPS to many buildings and will discover their past as if the walls could speak and transcend time. It is the story of the city and its inhabitants that you will discover.

Log cabins, works of art and heritage buildings follow one another along the way and serve as a backdrop to the various stories that incorporate larger-than-life characters. Whether they are trappers, bush pilots, geologists, miners, journalists, prospectors or brave adventurers, these men and women have made our city a unique place, where everyone has found their place.

Nowadays, Yellowknife has become the capital of diamonds and aurora borealis. Located on the shores of Great Slave Lake, it continues to attract and charm adventurers from around the world.

Enjoy the app to walk around and let you discover old Yellowknife and its history!

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