La Société d’histoire de Toronto

La Société d'histoire de Toronto highlights the history of Ontarians and Franco-Ontarians. It ensures the conservation of all types of historical documents and encourages research in history.

The Toronto Historical Society organizes guided tours and excursions to historic sites, holds exhibitions, workshops and history lectures, publishes brochures, conducts research projects.

For several years, the Toronto Historical Society work to the development of the shared path or The Shared Path which follows the course of the Humber River, around heritage sites having relation to the French fact, English and native of the area. Humber River, one of thirty rivers designated historic rivers of Canada is the only historic river in Canada accessible by Metro.

Historical Park encompasses parks and trail system: the Home Park Smithe, the park Étienne Brûlé, Kings Mill Park, Lambton Wood, South Humber and a segment of the Waterfront Trail from Toronto.

Among the excursions include the French circuit Strong and the Humber. This tour departs Etienne Burns Park near the Old Mill. We discover during the historical journey portage Toronto, royal or strong French stores, the historic river Humber, the Seneca village Tieiagon.

Another excursion is a visit to the former French district of Toronto (King and Queen), the Cabbagetown, Yorkville, Rosedale, The tip of Baby, Danforth and other neighborhoods.

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260 Adelaide Street East

Toronto, Ontario  M5A 1N1

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