Le Théâtre populaire d’Acadie

Founded in 1974 in Caraquet, the Théâtre populaire d'Acadie is the oldest French-language professional theater company in Acadia. Original creations, contemporary theater and texts from the classical repertoire, the TPA produces, both for the general public and for young people, a variety of shows that are inspired by several artistic trends while granting a prime place to Acadian dramaturgie . With more than 130 productions or co-productions to its credit, including more than twenty for young audiences, the company broadcasts each of its shows on tour throughout New Brunswick.

The company's artistic mission is to be a major center for the creation, production, distribution and reception of high-quality theatrical works, promoting a plurality of artistic approaches. It favors Acadian creation, but also addresses the contemporary Canadian and international repertoire and the classical repertoire. Its aesthetic and social concerns are in the context of a company working mainly in an "urban" environment (word for small towns in rural areas).

The Popular Theater of Acadia ensures that its works intended for the general public or for children and youth reach a large audience, mainly in New Brunswick, while maintaining a cultural bridge between Acadia and the World. The company also has the mission of being a creation and development space for professional Acadian artists as well as an artistic education tool for youth and the Acadian community in general.

The Festival de théâtre jeunesse en Acadie (FTJA) is the leading youth activity of the Théâtre populaire d 'Acadie, for young theater enthusiasts from grades 6 to 12. This event is held annually over three days, in late April, in Caraquet, New Brunswick.

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220 St Pierre Blvd E

Caraquet, New Brunswick  E1W 1A5

Grade 7 - Grade 12
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