Moncton University-Edmundston Campus

The University of Moncton is Canada's largest French-language university outside Québec. The university's three campuses are located in New Brunswick's francophone regions at Edmundston, Shippagan and Moncton.

University of Moncton offers 165 study programs, including 40 at the master's degree and doctorate level. Fields of study include administration, arts, education, engineering, forestry, law, nursing, nutrition, psychology, sciences, social work, etc. More than 35 research centers, chairs, and institutes are presently active.

The Université de Moncton is also one of the best places for Anglophones and other non-Francophones to become bilingual while completing their post-secondary education. The student population is French, there are numerous social and cultural activities and a dynamic Acadian culture, and French is the language of instruction for nearly all programs, with the exception of some evening courses taught in English.

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165, boulevard Hébert

Edmundston, New Brunswick  E3V 2S8

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