Rideau Hall – Residence of Canada’s Governor General

Students learn about the role and responsibilities of the governor general, on a guided tour of the historic residence and beautiful grounds.

Rideau Hall, in Ottawa, has been the official residence and workplace of every governor general since 1867. This national historic site is a national gathering place and the home of the governor general. It is also the place where the governor general

  • honours Canadians for their excellence;
  • hosts foreign dignitaries and
  • carries out the duties of head of state, on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

At Rideau Hall, students of all ages learn that Canada is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy and a responsible government system. They learn about the role of the governor general in our country, which includes:

  • representing the Queen in Canada, and
  • ensuring that Canada always has in place a prime minister and a government that has the confidence of Parliament.

All programs are offered in English or French, and will meet all your grade and curriculum requirements.

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