La Boussole

La Boussole is a Francophone non-profit organization based in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Its objective is to help Francophones in need to access vital social services; prioritizing access to health services, housing and employment services.

La Boussole understands the importance of community, especially for those who may be marginalized by speaking a different language. By hosting cultural events and exhibitions, la Boussole provides a community space for its beneficiaries to build connections with fellow Francophones and the Francophone culture within the context of Vancouver.

The organization celebrates holidays like la Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Christmas. It also organizes shows and amazing activities thanks to its generous partners: La Société Francophone de Maillardville, le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver and le Théâtre de la Seizième.

By bringing social services and a sense of community to our members the organization strives to improve the quality of their lives immeasurably.

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312 Main Street

Vancouver, British Columbia  V6A 2T2

Grade 9 - Grade 12
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