Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France

Started in a preparatory perspective for the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Quebec, in 2008, the New France Festival was presented for the first time in 1997, in accordance with the will of the municipal authorities of Quebec who wanted to superimpose the old walls of the city an animation evoking the history of the first European arrivals in America. The event sparked such enthusiasm from the start that it was decided that its presentation would be annual.

By means of a different theme each year, the Feasts of New France seek to present with originality and sensitivity a story with multiple levels of content in order to highlight a period, or an important historical phenomenon, a universe to discover, understand and share.

The Festivals have as their goal to animate more than a dozen sites, all located in the historic district of Old Quebec. Indeed, it is Quebec, a city historically historically continent-wide, which is the setting for this celebration. The event is held annually in the summer during the month of August.

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205, boulevard des Cèdres

Québec, Quebec  G1L 1N8

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