Oxy-Jeunes offers spaces for creation, workshops and mentoring with the support of professional artists. This is to support the development of young people aged 12 to 17 to enhance the expression of youth and contribute to building inclusive communities.

Oxy-Jeunes has a unique infrastructure, a practice studio with equipment for young people (professional musical instruments, scenic installation, multimedia, etc.) and a youth auditorium that can accommodate up to 80 spectators.
Oxy-Jeunes activities take many forms: introductory and creative workshops, mentoring, cultural outings, shows and micro-open, training in stage techniques, support for youth initiatives, free practice studio, youth committee, etc...

Oxy-Jeunes projects meet the aspirations of young people and enable them to get involved at every stage of the creative process. All the activities offered are free!

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2020, rue de la Visitation

Montréal, Quebec  H2L 3C7

Grade 7 - Grade 12
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