Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum (MSBM)

When it opened to the public in 1967, Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum (MSBM) was referred to as “the lived-in museum”. The original Grey Nuns’ Convent had indeed been home to many people over the course of its more than 100 years of use and welcomed guests (boys and girls for day school, and later nursing school students) daily.

Over time, Le Musée’s reputation has evolved as its collections, capacity and significance grew. Recognized as a keeper of Francophone and Métis heritage, it is an unavoidable reference point for researchers, a key experience for teachers and students, a must-see for tourists, a touchstone for our communities’ families and a wonderful part of Winnipeg’s cultural landscape.

The Museum aims to provide visitors and students with experiences that will encourage greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of the French-Canadian and Métis cultures in Manitoba.

The programs offer meaningful learning experiences designed to complement Manitoba social studies curriculum. Choose from one of the programs or combine them to deepen your understanding and experience. Go to the site to discover the events and workshops offered.

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494 Taché Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2H 2B2

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