Théâtre Action

Théâtre Action is a provincial organization that is proactive and essential to the development and evolution of French-language theater practice in Ontario. A unique model in Canada, Théâtre Action has, since its creation in 1972, been able to adapt, model and evolve in order to respond in a concrete and dynamic way to the different challenges and needs faced by its members in the professional, community and school sectors.

Today, Théâtre Action works with 10 professional companies and theater centers, about twenty community troupes, 25 school troupes and a hundred freelance artists from the front and back. Its commitment and constant involvement ensure dialogue and constant consultation within these sectors of activity while promoting enriching exchanges between the various stakeholders in the Franco-Ontarian theatrical community.

Since 1972, TA's programming has been abundant, including the organization of nearly 40 festivals, the publication of some 20 educational publications, periodicals, artists' directories and studies, the creation of training programs and development, the awarding of more than eighty prizes and bursaries, and the initiation of strategic thinking exercises bringing together all those involved in the theatrical field, such as the two editions of the General State of Franco-Ontarian Theater.

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255, chemin de Montréal

Ottawa, Ontario  K1L 6C4

Grade 7 - Grade 12
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