Christian Pilon, Traditional Birchbark Canoe Builder, Speaker and Authentic Voyageur

Take action at both the elementary and secondary levels! Invite Christian Pilon to your school!

Le Voyageur Extraordinaire Christian Pilon, the only French Métis on the television series Destination Nor’Ouest expedition, who travels to schools and several groups in Ontario to share this adventure that has transformed his cultural pride.
Christian offers various activities from motivational conferences to practical workshops where students can "manipulate history" by discovering objects, games, songs and food from the time of travelers!
To meet this authentic Traveler is to embody your curriculum in Social Studies and History to meet fascinating characters such as Radisson, La Vérendrye and Étienne Brûlé!

Christian offers presentations to students from 3rd to 12th year, at college and university level, as well as various corporations and associations throughout Ontario and Quebec. "By working together we can get our messages across and allow time for your students to take pride. "

** NEW ** Indigenous sharing - Christian now offers traditional birchbark building workshops to share culture. Miniature canoes at the primary level, and full size canoes at the high school and post secondary levels (12 to 26 feet long)

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