French-Second-Language (FSL) Education Week

French-Second-Language (FSL) Education Week!

The Honourable Gordon Wyant, Minister of Education, has officially proclaimed February 4-8 FSL Education Week.

Get involved! Canadian Parents for French invites you to join the FSL Education Week Challenge!

Plan a French activity, big or small, in your school.

  • Hold a “Reading Buddies” activity – get older students to read to the younger grades;
  • Create posters to individualize the theme for each student;
  • Play interactive games;
  • Watch a movie;
  • Have students report if they have interacted with their parent(s)/guardian(s) in French outside of school; and/or,
  • Develop your own school’s activity.

Participating schools will be entered into a draw to receive a grant to be used for a French cultural activity at your school. To qualify for the draw, a school must inform CPF-SK about the number of activities, the type of activities and the student engagement numbers (approximate percentage of student participation) for the week. Grant amounts are as follows:

  • 1st Place – $500
  • 2nd Place – $250
  • 3rd Place – $100

Also, collect your school’s stories and photos. Sent them to CPF-SK at to be included in a Special Feature Communiqué to be provided to all FSL schools and CPF-SK Members.

Have fun! And, remember to Learn French… feed your brain!

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