The French weekly newspaper, La Liberté

The newspaper is produced by a team of ten people and is distributed by mail or camelot to its subscribers in Manitoba and other Canadian provinces. It is also found on newsstands and in schools.

The only news newspaper in French in Manitoba, La Liberté appears every Wednesday in both paper and digital format. Digital Freedom is the same formula as the paper edition enriched with the advantages of digital and 100% in color.
In 2013, La Liberté celebrated its 100th anniversary. While the newspaper was the unifying element of the entire community, it also helped keep French alive during the dark period of the language crisis.

Today, the French fact is sitting well in Manitoba. La Liberté has its weekly article The Francophile's Thread, in untranslated French, in the Winnipeg Free Press, and continues its mandate of informing, entertaining and playing a leading role in the development of the community.

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420, rue des Meurons

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2H 2N9

Grade 9 - Grade 12
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